Pet Care Tips: The Essentials You Need to Keep Your Furry Friends Warm During Winter

Winter is here and so is the cold. It’s time to get out your sweaters and make your hot chocolate. And as you prepare to face the cold, remember that our pets I also need warmth. Our pets, just like us, are sensitive to the cold. It is crucial to keep our four-legged friends warm, especially on their winter walks, as the temperature drops, the winds pick up and the snow seems to be coming. Every season requires a change in your pet’s care schedule, and winter is no exception. (Also read: 5 Winter Activities You Can Plan With Your Pet )

Every season requires a change in your pet's care schedule, and winter is no exception.  (Unsplash)
Every season requires a change in your pet’s care schedule, and winter is no exception. (Unsplash)

Talking to HT Lifestyle, Geetanjali Taragi, Head of Content, Heads Up For Tails, suggested some essentials that you can keep handy to keep your pets warm this winter.

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1. Winter clothes : Stock up on warm winter clothes for your pet, especially short-haired animals.

2. Blankets and bedding: If your pet snuggles up against you or huddles in a corner, there’s a good chance he’s cold. Give them a warm bed and blanket and provide them with a comfortable place to sleep that they can call their own. Invest in a good pet bed and blanket.

3. Warm food and water: Cold water and food can make your pets sick during harsh winter weather. Warm their food a little, as it is easier to digest.

4. Grooming: The cold can make your pet’s skin dry and itchy. Paying attention to their skin is essential this season. Coconut oil massages are great for improving their skin and coat. You can also choose a snout butter and paw balm to keep their noses and paws moisturized and soft.

5. Swimming: Bathing your pet when the sun is not out is not a good idea. Instead, use pet wipes to keep them clean. Be sure to rinse them with a warm towel. Keep them fresh with deodorants and pet sprays.

6. Treats: Treats are always a good idea and a great way to distract your pet from the cold. Keep a pack of pet biscuits nearby and treat them when they seem depressed or unhappy.

7. Anti-pee powder: If your pet cannot be walked in cold weather, keep anti-pee powder on hand. If your pet ends up peeing in the house, you can quickly clean it in seconds with the powder.

Winters aren’t always easy on your pets, but the tips/essentials above can help make them easier and more bearable and keep your furry friend as warm as a bug.

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