Out of place

This is the existential question for humans and dogs: Or is my place?

If dogs could meditate, PLACE could be their mantra.


if I had a PLACE,

I could go there when……

  • Whoever cooks in the kitchen doesn’t want me underfoot;

  • When there are guests who don’t particularly like dogs;

  • At mealtimes, so I don’t beg at the table;

  • I need a quiet place to go when I feel overwhelmed;

  • I’m really hungry and dinner isn’t ready yet;

  • Before a walk, so as not to go crazy when I see my leash;

  • When the doorbell rings;

  • If little children come to visit, I don’t scare them;

  • Every time I don’t know what to do with myself.

Let’s see. What would do good PLACE?

A carpet.


An old towel.

A fancy dog ​​bed with my name on it.

For your dog, or for you, whenever you experience that feeling of disorientation and confusion in the face of a seemingly meaningless or absurd world, go to your house PLACE. You and your dog will feel better knowing where you belong.


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