National Pet Day 2023: Essential Care Tips for Your Pet’s Health and Happiness

Taking care of your pet’s well-being and lifestyle involves providing them with regular veterinary check-ups, a healthy and balanced diet, regular exercise, mental stimulation, grooming, a safe and comfortable living environment, as well as love and attention. It’s important to understand your pet’s specific needs based on their breed, age and health status, and provide them with the appropriate care and attention to ensure their overall health and happiness. Regular check-ups, good nutrition, exercise, mental stimulation, grooming, and love and attention are all essential elements in providing your pet with a healthy and fulfilling life..

“Nowadays, pets have become an essential part of the family. Therefore, pet owners are very concerned about providing the best possible nutrition and care for their pets. However, many pet owners face confusion and uncertainty about their pet’s health and well-being due to a lack of understanding of their physiology and needs, excessive unverified information on the internet, conflicting opinions from multiple sources such as veterinarians and experts on best practices and product choices, among other factors,” says Ankit Alok Bagaria, co-founder of Loopworm.

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Several studies have suggested that medical cannabis, particularly CBD oil, can be used for pain relief in pets. CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties and may help relieve pain by interacting with the endocannabinoid system, which is involved in the regulation of pain and inflammation. Medical cannabis has gained popularity in recent years as a potential treatment for pain relief in pets. The cannabis plant contains various compounds, including cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, which have been shown to potentially benefit the health of humans and animals.

However, it is important to note that the use of medical cannabis for pets remains a controversial topic and more research is needed to determine its effectiveness and potential side effects. It is also essential to consult a qualified veterinarian before giving your pet any form of medical cannabis, as improper use can harm your pet’s health.


Shivam Singhee, CEO and Co-Founder of Awshad, says, “Medical cannabis is not only miraculous for humans, but it is also very useful for pets. The properties of medical cannabis will be useful for speechless friends, as it can cure many illnesses, including pain, epilepsy, anxiety, arthritis and cancer. »

The most important question that arises here is therefore how to really guarantee the well-being and lifestyle of your animal? Bagaria shares some important points:

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  1. Refer to credible information: There are many books and courses that contain the basics of nutrition and well-being for dogs, cats and fish, among animals. With the help of these resources, even a beginner parent will be able to understand the pet’s response to climate/season changes, difference in nutrition based on sex or breed specific, age/size/ weight versus optimal nutrient ratios, dose, what not to do, etc.
  2. Talk to Certified Experts and Doctors: In the age of Internet gurus, where false information often circulates faster than verified information, it is essential for an animal lover to verify the credibility of the source of the information before following it. It is also important for a pet owner to verify the credentials of the person they are seeing.
  3. Keep an open mindset: What is good for a human may not be good for a dog! This seems logical, but is often ignored. Indian foods are high in carbohydrates and fats and contain large amounts of dairy products. Homemade foods, although freshly prepared and free of preservatives, may not meet the pet’s basic nutritional needs. Using the right vitamin supplements or premixes if pet owners like to feed their dogs homemade food.
  4. Ensure physical activity and movement: This is especially a concern for pet owners in cities with tiny homes. The only time the dog can move freely is during a few bathroom breaks!
  5. Observe and do not ignore the sudden change in behavior, droppings, coat quality and decreased appetite: The first signs of poor well-being and lifestyle are easily reflected in the behavior of the animal. Pet parents should act immediately and seek expert help if necessary.

Singhi shares some details on how medical cannabis or cannabidiol (CBD) oil can help pets:

  1. Pain: Pets often injure themselves while playing and finding them limping or lying down, waiting for their bodies to heal. CBD oil helps relieve pain and helps the dog heal faster and better.
  2. Epilepsy: Nearly one in a hundred dogs and cats suffer from mild to severe epilepsy. It’s heartbreaking to see them moaning and confused. Medical cannabis has been shown to be extremely beneficial for these dogs and cats with special needs.
  3. Anxiety: Long car rides, traveling to crowded or new places, firecrackers during Diwali and festivities or even just stormy weather can cause fur babies to feel overwhelmed and act out. Anxious dogs and cats are more common than you think. The healing properties of medical cannabis help calm these precious companions so they can accompany their pet owners on their journeys, no strings attached.
  4. Arthritis: Pets age much faster than humans, and old pets often suffer from the same illnesses as their human counterparts. Arthritis is extremely common in older pets, usually resulting in inactivity and lethargy. The pain that accompanies arthritis can be alleviated with our CBD oil which can be soothing to favorite companions.
  5. Cancer: It is heartbreaking to see animals go through such a terrible ordeal, and pet owners often feel frustrated and helpless as animals suffer pain, lack of appetite and lethargy. Medical cannabis tinctures have become very popular with pet owners to help make their struggling pet comfortable and pain-free.


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