Live Kitty Cam at St. Marys County Animal Adoption and Resource Center

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CALIFORNIA, Maryland – Attention animal lovers, you can now watch a Kitty Cam Live 24/7 courtesy of the St. Marys County Animal Adoption and Resource Center!

This live chat camera has been operational since mid-July, giving the public a glimpse of the cuteness and excitement of the community chat room located in the adoption center. Everyone has access to this public chat camera and can join the live broadcast anytime and anywhere!

The room is equipped with everything a cat could need, including ramps, toys, cat castles and towers, providing these kitties with all the tools needed so you can watch these friendly felines climb, jump, nap and play together!

St Marys County Animal Adoption and Resource Center is the only center in the county required to accept all animals that end up at their door, regardless of breed, temperament, background or circumstances. ‘animal. Not only do they provide shelter and veterinary care for these animals, but they go even further, constantly working hard to place these animals in new, loving homes.

This new kitten camera is the adoption center’s way of giving the public a glimpse into the lives and personalities of these animals from the comfort of your home and helping you fall in love with them the same way you do. ‘them.

Check 24/7 Kitty Camera today and discover the lives of our favorite four-legged friends!

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