Is your baby safe around pets? Expert Tips for Building a Bond Between Themselves

A new addition to your family can make your pet feel neglected because they miss your presence. After a difficult initial adjustment period, it is probably a good idea to let your baby play with your pet after two or three months depending on the advice of your pediatrician. A newborn should be kept away from a dog or cat for the first few months simply because their fur may get into the baby’s nose or mouth or they may need to a little time to get used to the presence of a baby. (Also read: Animal health: is your dog barking in pain? It could be arthritis; know the symptoms)

While our pets usually grow into very loving and protective siblings, initially the baby is a subject of great curiosity and mystery to the animal (Pixabay)

“A good bond between a toddler and a pet is one of the sweetest sights you will ever see. The journey to building this bond, however, must be approached with great care and caution. While our pets While pets usually become very affectionate and protective siblings, initially the baby is a subject of great curiosity and mystery to the pet,” says Devanshi Shah, founder and CEO of PetKonnect.

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Most pediatricians advise keeping animals away from babies for at least 2 to 3 months.

“There are many reasons for this, such as the animal’s fur getting into the baby’s nose or mouth, the animal barking loudly at the cub, the animal unintentionally bumping into the new- born so excited, or even runs towards a toy or the doorbell. “All of the above can lead to serious problems or unintentional injury to the baby,” says Shah.

Initially, Shah advises, the parent should hold the baby while he or she is introduced to the animal. However, this step is important to build an initial bond that will develop little by little over time. It is not advisable to completely cut the animal off from the cub as this could eventually lead to animosity. Small doses of interaction can build a strong foundation of this adorable bond.

“Once the toddler reaches approximately 3 months of age, the two can be introduced by placing the toddler on a floor mat. Even then, all interactions should be closely supervised by the parent to avoid any unwanted accidents. This protocol should be followed until the little one is around two years old,” says Shah.

“What is very important to consider is the nature of your pet and how it reacts to the little one. If your pet is very friendly by nature, you can follow the tips above. In “If your pet is known to be aggressive, known to bite or scratch, then the advice of a professional veterinarian is essential and you may even consider hiring a professional animal trainer,” adds the expert.

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