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In this week’s Your Times, Get Healthy, we examine persistent prescription drug shortages, satisfying our desire for comfort foods as the leaves fall, and the benefits of grooming your dog. So grab that cup of hot chocolate and enjoy.

Strawberry lovers, rejoice: the little red delicacy is good for the brain. Pecan lovers rejoice: This flavorful nut can fight inflammation. And there’s so much more in Hot Topics.

In Medical Report, a Community Health System orthopedic specialist allays fears and touts the benefits of hip replacement surgery.

Health coach Carol Slager explains why we crave hotter, heavier foods when temperatures drop and offers an easy squash soup recipe as a way to maintain healthy eating habits in On the Table.

Worried about the availability of medications for chronic conditions? The September article examines the causes of supply shortages, the medications affected, and how healthcare providers and pharmacists are helping their patients.

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Local malaria transmission is back in the United States. And while it’s not a problem in the area at the moment, doctors note that it’s important to be aware and carefully monitor symptoms in your health.

Get grooming for your pet’s well-being, and it goes beyond regular baths. Your Best Friend experts note that teeth, ears, and nails also need regular attention.

When it’s time to transition baby to solid foods, entrusting their meal choices – literally – can make them better eaters, as we learn in Families on the Go.

Do you feel exhausted? You’re not alone, and psychologists offer tips to nip it in the bud before it turns into full-blown depression at Sound Mind.

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