How to Spice Up Your Dog’s Walks with Fun Games and Challenges

If you’re tired of walking your dog, don’t let that mundane feeling stop you from taking those walks with your pup! Yes, it may be the same old sidewalk, the same old smells, the same old telephone poles and fire hydrants, but walking your dog regularly is one of the best opportunities for you to bond with your dog …and it’s good for you (and their) health. Instead, think of ways to spice up your routine!

There are simple ways to make walks more fun for you and your dog. Even taking the opposite direction on your route or walking across the street can give you a different perspective and help you notice things you may have missed before.

Interrupt walking while practicing basic commands is also a good idea and serves a dual purpose. In addition to more training, your dog will learn to follow commands in a variety of locations, making him more likely to obey in the face of distractions.

Here are some simple games to make your walks more engaging:

Find it

“Find it” is an easy little game that your dog will love. Simply toss a treat into the grass or ground and let your dog sniff it. Pair it with a command, like “Find it!” » It’s a good mental exercise, and when you see a cat or stranger approaching, you’ll have a new trick to distract your dog’s attention.

Chase me away

Vary the direction of your walk: step back from time to time. Your dog should be very careful to keep a loose leash and stay with you. You can also vary your pace, from a very slow walk to a brisk jog and everything in between. However, no pulling on the leash is allowed!

Red light, green light

Who didn’t play this game as a child? It’s also great for your dog and will help improve their impulse control and pulling. As long as your dog is on a loose leash, keep walking. When you feel tension on the leash, stop suddenly. Wait for your dog to return to you in heel position and start again.

Every dog ​​should have his day

The dog’s choice! Although you will want to start and end your walk with your normal loose leash walking exercise. During the walk, let him completely choose the direction you go and sniff at will, taking his time. This will be a huge win with your puppy. You You may want to walk for exercise, but the mental stimulation your dog receives from exploring the environment through his nose is beneficial for him and for some breeds, the mental stimulation will be more of an exercise than if you were running two times around the block!

Do what works best for you

Changing your walking routine doesn’t have to be complicated. Finding ways to engage your dog’s mind and senses should be rewarding for you and your pet. Try some of these ideas and see if you stop loving walking!


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