Great American Cat Show and Great American Dog Show

Great American Cat Show

The International Cat Association Great American Cat Show will travel to Chicago at McCormick Place, August 25-27. Listen HERE to Dr. Liz Brown on Steve Dale’s Animal WorldWGN-Radio. She explains what cat shows are usually and how it is possible that this cat show is held in the same place (more or less) as the Great American Dog Show.

Obviously, cats in a cat show don’t run around a ring like dogs do. Dr. Brown explains how judges then judge cats, based on a written standard for each breed. And many of these races may be new to many viewers. Unlike dog show judges, cat show judges usually explain to the crowd why they chose their best cats.

Every cat has a space to rest, and in the cat world, many show cat breeders will decorate these spaces.

In addition to the show itself, the cat therapy program will be a highlight; speakers will answer questions on a variety of topics in the educational ring, and you’ll see cat toys and treats that aren’t readily available elsewhere.

Purebred cats are bred for their appearance but also for their temperament, she says. For every household there is a breed of cat for you, from the hairless Sphynx cat to the so-called vampire cat, the Lykoi.

Great American Dog Show

David Frei, legendary dog ​​show presenter, will be present at Great American Dog Show, August 25-27 at McCormick Place. Listen HERE to David on Steve Dale’s Animal WorldWGN-Radio. He is so excited that this event is the return and reimagining of the International Kennel Club of Chicago’s unique dog show.

There will be over 200 races at this event. A special event will take place in the old Arie Crown Theater with the Chicago Challenge Cup on Sunday evening.

The American Kennel Club Meets the Breeds is part of that show, and you can meet the individual athletes — David points out you can’t do that at a Bears or Cubs game.

Special events include dock dives, canine agility and scent shows. And a village of sellers.

Tickets for events HERE.

Domestic violence and pets

Comments on an upcoming Domestic Violence Committee meeting with the World Small Animal Veterinary Associationand how Purina and others have been talking for years about the connection between domestic violence and animal welfare.


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