Forest City Vet Clinic Technology Successfully Runs Buffalo Center Dog Grooming Store

Kaylee Schuermann

A Buffalo Center resident proves you CAN have the cake and eat it too.

Hannah Main is not only a veterinary technician at Forest City Veterinary Clinic, but also the owner of Wiggle Butts Dog Grooming in Buffalo Center, allowing her to pursue both of her passions.

Realizing the need for dog groomers in the area, Main took the plunge and started her business a year ago.

“I’m certified fearless, so I know all these tips and tricks to help dogs stay calm,” Main said. “I just wanted a place where the dogs weren’t in a big rush to get their hair done.”

Main attended the veterinary technology program at Iowa Lakes Community College in Emmetsburg. During her time there, she decided to pursue dog grooming. She quickly fell in love with her second job, graduated in spring 2022 and opened her business shortly after.

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Main uses the skills learned through her position as a veterinary technician at the Forest City Veterinary Clinic to help keep dogs calm, handle various situations and recommend to the owner when they should take their pet to the veterinarian.

She loves the challenges and creative opportunities that dog grooming presents. Main has participated in several dog grooming competitions, allowing her to show off her skills. Her favorite dog design job was in a “Guy Fieri”-themed contest, where she decorated a dog in flames.

“I love being a veterinary technician, but with dog grooming, I love how I can still let my creativity flow,” Main said. “It’s a lot of fun making all these cool shapes.”

Main said the business name came to him after he bought a sign for his dog, Josie, that read “Beware of wiggling butts.” She suggested “Wiggle Butts Dog Grooming” to her grooming instructor, who told her it was the perfect name.

Principal dreams of one day living on a farm and owning a pet boarding facility, but for now, she’s happily living the best of both worlds.

“My bosses and colleagues are great; they let me take this time off so I could still groom myself,” Main said.

Dog owners can find more information on the Wiggle Butts Dog Grooming Facebook page. They can make an appointment by texting 641-590-7414.


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