Fear Free has changed the practice of veterinary medicine

I truly believe that Dr. Mary Becker, who always seems to be one step ahead, is the most influential veterinarian in decades. It is worth noting that he predicted the growing intensity of the human-animal bond in his book, The Healing Power of Pets. And even more impactful, he is the creator of the Fear Free initiative, and with that he wrote From fearful to fearless: a positive program to free your dog from anxiety, fears and phobias (with Mikkel Becker, Dr. Wailani Sung and Dr. Lisa Radosta).

From Steve Dale’s Animal WorldWGN Radio listen HERE as Dr. Becker explains how Fear Free came out and exceeded even his wildest dreams. Fear Free has changed the way many veterinary professionals practice around the world. How does it work to make a difference?

It’s amazing that it wasn’t that long ago that veterinarians were taught that dogs and cats don’t feel pain. Of course they do. And they have the same emotions as us – they can express them differently.

Dr. Becker also explains that dogs have left or right paw preferences. And says there is a left or right wagging tail preference. But what does it all mean – and he tells us. Even to what extent it can impact dog bite prediction. Also an in-depth discussion on dog bites, including STOPP before petting.

stop – talk – observe – plan – caress

Not only respecting what the dog wants, being petted or not reducing the dog’s biting, it is also respecting what dogs want.

Comments on dog bite allegations, and the news isn’t all good.

Pet parents can learn a lot about fear, anxiety, and stress in pets at FearFreeHappyHouses. Fear Free is about more than just veterinary visits (and using proper dog training methods), it’s about how animals live their lives every day.

A little about protection against ticks

Veterinary parasitologist Dr Kathryn Duncan talks about protecting yourself from ticks – and in fact, fall is the time of year when dogs are most commonly affected by Lyme disease. Dr. Duncan also talks about the types of products that might be best (one of which, Bravecto which lasts 12 weeks).


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