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Labradoodles can easily become overstimulated when very excited. New people coming, lots of kids running around, and new dogs in their space can make them happy, which leads to excitement, which leads to spending a lot of time trying to calm your dog down.

Rewards-Based Training will help this behavior and allow you to spend less time correcting your dog. You can never fully train this trait in your dog, but you can at least keep his enthusiasm from building up.

When you buy a Labradoodle puppy from a breeder, always ask to meet the parents of the litter. This should never be a denied request. Reputable breeders will allow you to meet the parent dogs and ask all your questions. You can get a good idea of ​​your puppy’s personality by meeting his parents.


Labradoodles are social and thrive when they are with their family members. They love human company and are not successful if left alone for long periods of time. Although some Labradoodles are more needy than others, the breed is known to be overall affectionate and social.

This is important to consider before acquiring a Labradoodle puppy. They are not independent dogs and they will need you to be with them most of the time to keep them emotionally healthy. If they feel lonely or bored, destructive behaviors may start to appear due to separation anxiety. Labradoodles are abandoned at shelters and rescues because people didn’t take the time to think about their needs before getting a puppy.

If you have to go to work or run errands, your dog will be fine during this time. If you go away 12 hours a day or come home from work just to go out again, it won’t be beneficial for a Labradoodle.

Can I have other animals with a Labradoodle?

Yes! In fact, it is encouraged. If you’re away from home, your Labradoodle may find that the company of another dog is enough to end his separation anxiety. It will also give them a playmate to spend some of their energy on.
However, do not buy two Labradoodle puppies at the same time! Allow at least 2-3 years before adding another animal to the family.

The essential

Labradoodles are high maintenance dogs in the sense that they require more care than some other breeds. They have high energy levels and need proper exercise every day. They have a coat that requires regular grooming. They need training to teach them the right behaviors.

Consider their needs before committing to this breed to ensure you are able to meet them. It can be difficult to examine their care needs. However, once you develop a routine and have a happy dog, it will get easier.

Labradoodles are loving, loyal, and affectionate dogs that are worth the extra time and money it takes to care for them. If your heart is set for this breed, don’t let their level of care stop you. If you have the time and the desire to give your Labradoodle everything it needs, it is a very rewarding experience to own one of these wonderful dogs.


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