Diwali 2022: How to take care of your dog’s mental health

Diwali can be hard for you dogIt is Mental Health for various reasons. Your four-legged friend, accustomed to being around certain people or a specific environment, may become anxious during festivals due to noisy and crowded gatherings. As Diwali gets closer, the sound of crackers could also trigger strong anxiety in dogs whose ears are more sensitive than those of humans. Exposure to Diwali pollution can also cause respiratory problems in dogs, while loud noises can also affect your dog’s ears. They may not know that fireworks can cause injury and are at risk of injury if pet parents are not vigilant. Additionally, during the holiday season, your pets may also feel lonely despite being surrounded by so many people because all they want is attention from their favorite person ( i.e. you), which can be difficult in a party atmosphere. (Also read: Pet Care: What Makes a Dog Truly Happy? actions of pet experts)

Dogs have much more sensitive hearing systems than humans, which could make the sound of crackers even more intolerable for them (Pinterest)

“The festival of lights is a time of joy and happiness, but now pet owners across India are trying to do the same for their beloved pooch. During Diwali, loud noises and sudden flashes cause severe anxiety in most animals. This in addition also leads to an increase in respiratory problems due to very poor air quality,” explains Dr Shantanu Kalambi, Chief Veterinarian at Supertails.

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Dr. Kalambi says dogs have much more sensitive hearing systems than humans, meaning every atomic bomb that makes you flinch is much more amplified for them.

“Constant exposure to loud noises is not only aggravating, it can even lead to hearing problems in your four-legged friends,” explains the expert.

Even walking down the street can be a trigger for dogs, whose territory is invaded by more and more people setting off fireworks on almost every street. Curious dogs who love to stick their noses in everything can be injured by crackers.

Another worry for pet owners every Diwali is the risk of losing their four-legged baby. Panicked and fearful dogs may escape on walks or even run away from home if proper precautions are not taken.

Dr Kalambi suggests tips for taking care of your dog’s mental and physical health during Diwali.

1. Medicines

One of the most common ways to help extremely stressed dogs during the Diwali season is to use prescription anxiolytic (anxiety reducer) medications. If you know your dog reacts negatively to fireworks, contact your veterinarian well in advance to discuss the best medications to use to get through this season.

2. Make them feel comfortable

Another common practice is to modify your environment, which means you adapt your dog’s environment to provide maximum safety and comfort. This includes providing your dog with a safe place to retreat when he is overwhelmed with stimuli. Make sure this location is easy to access at all times and can be determined by simply observing where your dog often retreats when stressed. Make this area cozier by adding their favorite toys, soft bedding, warm blankets, and a water and food bowl.

3. Protect them

Muffle loud noises by keeping windows closed and avoid sudden flashes of light by closing curtains. Always make sure your pet is safe and without access to the outdoors to limit the risk of loss. Diapers for puppies and small breeds, soothing wraps or snap vests for larger dogs can be adopted to soothe them. Like a warm hug, these wraps release endorphins to keep them calm and settled.

4. Keep Them Engaged

Chew objects or bones that your dog can gnaw on when he is anxious could distract him. Frequent playtime can also take their minds off loud sounds and tire them out more quickly so they sleep better.

You can also feed them at times of more active fireworks explosions. But if they refuse to eat, provide them with food during quieter times instead. Trying to keep your usual routine can calm some dogs, especially if you have a lot of guests visiting or staying. Try to limit interactions with strangers, as nervous dogs are more likely to react aggressively out of fear.

5. Try Herbal and Ayurvedic Remedies

Beyond medications, soothing nutraceuticals like organic balms enriched with coconut, almond and argan can put your dog in a good mood. Sometimes pheromones like melatonin have been shown to be effective. The benefits of herbal and Ayurvedic products are well documented and are generally safer for long-term use. Bach flowers and essential oils like hemp seed oil and lavender oil work great for calming your pet’s anxiety.

6. Behavior modification

By far the most popular method, behavior modification, is the method by which a dog learns to overcome its fears. This includes counterconditioning, in which dogs are rewarded with treats after exposing them to loud noises. Noise exposure training is another technique that aims to desensitize dogs by gradually exposing them to loud sounds.

7. Keep them close

Although it’s a bit controversial, some pet owners simply support their dogs by keeping them close, petting them, and talking calmly to them. Although this is a common technique used around the world, care must be taken to prevent the development of separation anxiety in fur babies. One must follow these methods to enjoy Diwali this time happily and in a better way with their adorable dogs. It is always suggested that pet parents consult a veterinarian immediately in serious conditions or when situations are beyond their control.

“Even when entertaining friends, do your best not to lock or chain the pet in a separate part of your home. This separation causes immense stress for pets when “their house” is full of guests and that they are “It is not allowed to “inspect” everyone. If your pet is friendly, let him wander around the party. If he has a tendency to bite, try to ensure that he is not left alone when kept separately,” says Devanshi Shah, Founder and CEO – PetKonnect.

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