21 People Share The ‘Deepest’ Things They’ve Ever Been Said

There are few things more refreshing than hearing a profound truth. These bits of wisdom can clear up our internal confusion and shine a light on what really matters in the world.

Deep truths can also help us reframe a situation, see things from another perspective, and realize that we have much less power over others and events than we think. They can also remind you to live your life to the fullest, because you never know how much time you have left.

A Reddit user named Some_Being_Online asked on the AskReddit forum, “What is the deepest thing anyone has said to you?” and many quotes were deep somehow that you don’t hear every day. Many of them were about managing difficult people and situations.

Overall, the thread was alive because people shared honest takes on what it means to be human – it is not an easy task.

Here are 21 of the “deepest” things people have heard.

1. “The grass is greener where you water it.” — Acceptable_Cup30152.

2. “Worry is not preparation.” -Great-Routine222

3. “I stopped giving a damn about my birthday when I was 27. I used to ask for time off or at least the next day to recover from the night before, but I just stopped. Last year an old lady in my house found out it was my birthday and surprised me with a card with some money in it, like a grandma would. mother. I tried to tell her it was okay and give her the money back, but she insisted, saying, “You should still celebrate your birthday. You don’t know how many you have left. – Sol-Blackguy

4. “Prepare your child for the road, not the road for your child.” -dvmdv8

5. “A person’s actions reflect their character, not yours.” — YaaMindIfIJoin

6. “Everyone is someone else and they’re all just trying to find each other. Let them be.” — built to the test of the west

7. “When you’re about to become a parent, the amount of bullshit you get told is unreal. Parents can’t wait to tell you ‘you won’t sleep, you won’t have a life, it’s just changing the nappies, etc.’ However, I was in a meeting with a guy at work, we were chatting before the meeting and I told him that I was about to become a dad expecting as usual. went over the top but really relaxed and just said ‘You’re about to experience the most amazing thing ever, but never forget they’re not yours. You just borrow them while they need you, but you have to prepare them not to need you anymore. The older my kids get, the more I like it. » — Education Act-6602

8. “When my baby died and was a mess, someone said to me, ‘I can’t imagine the pain you’re going through. I know your heart, your expectations, your assumed roles and your future memories have been broken. But for your child they have been broken.’ a perfect life. All they’ve ever known is your love.” — BallerinaBuscuits

9. “Sometimes the best way to help someone is to let them help you. You may not need their help, but it will make them feel needed.” —Amor_Armadillo

ten. “Sorrow is a love that has nowhere to go.” – LB-Dash

11. “Sometimes a hypocrite is just a changing man.” — little-bird89

12. “I’m a sales rep in a mobile phone shop and an old woman from Austria, a regular customer of mine, randomly said to me, ‘Chelsea, all we have right now is one. other. Right now, all we have is each other. There’s nothing.” but this second right now. You see, people carry the past with them and that is why there is so little forgiveness in the world. Then we both cried a little together and it’s had a positive impact on every day of my life since.” —Chemto90

13. “A 5-year-old said to me, ‘Loneliness is when you get lost.’” — Pass_The_Lasagana

14. “The opposite of love is not hate; it is complete and utter indifference.” — Dragon Feet1

15. “Everything you’ve been through: the good, the bad, the in-between has got you exactly where you are now. You had to go through it all to be here, with me now.” -tvaldez19

16. “‘It’s better to look rude and live than to be nice and get killed.’ It was from a self-defense instructor, and it blew my mind, they were talking about listening to your gut and not being afraid to look rude when your gut tells you something is wrong. — Unhygienic tree

17. “My mom once said to me, ‘Honey, don’t go through life reading a roadmap, chart your own path.’” -Content_Pool_1391

18. “Even when you’re right, you don’t always win.” — Curly tomato

19. “Yes, of course, heaven and hell are big and terrifying and all. But what if you did good just for fun? No eternal rewards or punishments afterwards. Would you still be doing good if you knew how to the end that there is no reward?” —Roguereider1

20. “Do not be afraid of fear. Fear is natural and encourages thought and action. However, do not panic. It is irrational and can lead you to harm.” -Slight_Bodybuilder25

21. “There’s a different version of you in the minds of literally everyone who knows you exist. Stop caring what other people think. You know the truth about yourself.” -What is InTheActualfeth


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